GIGANTE was born in a gym. That's right, in a gym.

Our history

A group of friends who trained together, fed up with cutting up t-shirts at home and making their own tank tops (who hasn’t cut up a t-shirt?), felt that the gyms lacked clothing with Portuguese quality and without the usual advertisements for supplement brands.

Founded in 2015

We wanted a brand dedicated to fitness and bodybuilding, with an aggressive design, something that would help us excel, no flowers, no butterflies and no protein brands. Basically, we were and are looking to feel great, to grow, to evolve, to go further…

Today Gigante is a consolidated portuguese brand, both internally and externally. Our commitment is to deliver quality, comfortable clothing to all sports enthusiasts.

Our clothes don’t make anyone bigger, but when you look in the mirror you will undoubtedly see the best in you.